Peyton Manning

At 11:30 I went down the lunch room, got my food, and then headed for the LGI room.  Inside the room were kids from each class, who had been selected by their teacher, to help with the special guest.  Normally our guest speakers are just people that nobody in our whole school has heard of, like some random author.  And I have nothing against authors, but they just don’t seem to spark the students as much as Peyton did, especially if know one knows the author.  Anyways Peyton Manning came to our school today at about 1:00.  I was lucky enough to ask Peyton a question, after he was done preaching to us about keeping our priorities straight.  I thought it kind of interesting that almost every important lesson or statement that Peyton said his dad told him, my dad told me.  I really enjoyed Peyton Manning visiting our school, and I believed in many of the things he said.

Being by Kevin Brooks

I just finished reading “Being” by Kevin Brooks, this book was 323 pages long.  This book was about a 16 year old who went to the hospital to have an endoscopy, which is basically a look into a person’s stomach.  When something different is discovered inside of Robert Smith, the 16 year old, many high profile people are called in.  Robert gets caught up in the  moment and kills a person, then makes his escape having no clue where to go.  Robert is on the run, with few dangerous people chasing him.  He meets a girl who is a master of fake ids, and the two become very close, and are on the run together.  I would definitely recommend this book to all readers.  My total for this nine weeks is 1011.

Pendragon The Merchant of Death

I just finished reading Pendragon The Merchant of Death by D.J MacHale.  This book is the first book in the series.  This book was 375 pages long and was about a boy named Bobby Pendragon, who was a Traveler, meaning he could travel to different times and places.  Bobby is taken by his fake unlce to a time and place called Denduron.  It is Bobby’s mission to attempt to try to save Denduron and not cause a huge controversy with a newly made weapon called tak.  This book is written in journals from one person to another, so it is hard to grasp at first, but it will become easier.  I would definitely recommend reading this book and the rest of the series, because I thought this book was great, and I was told the rest of the books are much better.  My total for this nine weeks so far is 688 because I am 100 pages into a different book that I might only put those 100 pages for that book.

Hidden Talents

I just finished reading the book Hidden Talents by David Lubar.  This book was 213 pages long.  This book was about a boy named Martin who is sent to an alternative school.  After exploring the school, Martin finds that all of his newly made friends at his school have special hidden talents.  After convincing all of his friends about their talents, he is soon convinced he has his own hidden talents.  I would recommend this book, and would encourage others to try to read David Lubar books, because this one was great, and we recently learned about him.  

David Lubar

David Lubar, a published author, came to our school today.  He was a very funny author, but one thing really caught me.  The thing that caught me was how he got ideas, because he started with “what if” questions.  He would come up with questions like “what if a calculator gave you the answer, before you asked for it.”  From there on ideas would just spark into his head, and eventually he would have a published story.  I have been unfortunate because I haven’t been able to read any of David Lubar’s books.  However, I am hoping to get to read one of his 19 published books soon. 

Goals and Ending- Portfolio

I have three goals for the rest of this year.  Those three goals are learn more about computers, learn many new things in my classes, and have fun.  I thought I accomplished those things during the first semester.  Coming into this school year I was a little overwhelmed.  I felt it was going to be really hard to adapt to the changes that come with participating in the laptop program.  I am no longer overwhelmed.  I am having fun, and luckily completing the grade. 


We have learned many writing techniques and have read a lot this year in Literature.  Mrs. Plantan requires us to read 1000 pages every nine 9 weeks out of school.  This does not count the books we read in class.  When faced with this challenge, I was shocked.  I thought that there was no way I was going to make the 1000 pages every 9 weeks.  However Mrs. Plantan instilled in our minds that reading was fun and productive.  About 4 weeks into the first 9 weeks of the school year I had read 0 pages.  I then finally tried to pick up a book and read, and I actually loved it.  I finished out that 9 weeks with about 1700 pages read.  I finally realized that reading was possible, and that if you have the right mindset, it can be fun.  This is a speech I wrote during Literature.  final-speech


I have learned loads in this years English class.  My vocabulary has definitely enhanced this year.  Due to the Ceasars English vocabulary words we’ve learned this year, I have learned many new words to use in my writing.  I have also been lucky enough to learn correct grammar, thanks to a little acronym Mrs. Plantan made up called GUMP.  It stands for grammar, usage, mechanics, punctuation.  GUMP is a lot of classifying sentences, which isn’t always the most fun.  However, it does come in handy in the long run.  This is an example of one of our GUMP assignments.  21109

Social Studies-Portfolio

This years social studies has been very different from last years.  We use our computers pretty much every day in this class, which is different from the social studies textbooks we used all year last year.  This year we haven’t really been studying America, we have been studying countries all around the world.  We have gone from Ancient Greece, to Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance, and more.  Here is a speech I made while we were having a debate in class, over the topic of whether or not the Europeans had a right to colonize the Americas. speech-for-leading-debate


This year’s science class has been very singular.  Miss.  Sweeney, my science teacher, has a fun way of teaching.  She has us complete fun activities, but yet we still learn the curriculum.  In the past, Science has been my least favorite subject and I have never really liked it.  However this year I have begun to like Science more than in the past.  This is a sheet giving a description of my product when we were doing an omni project.  cpmag